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Mighty Mila Activity Pack Mighty Mila Activity Pack
Mighty Mila Activity Pack
By Mighty Mila
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The Mighty Mila Activity Pack contains 66 pages of 34 fun, educational activities to use by parents and educators in conjunction with reading Mighty Mila Children's Picture Book by Katie Petruzziel ... lo.   These activities were created by the author, Katie Petruzziello (mom to deaf daughter, Mila) and her daughter's Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Ashley Machovec, in an effort to provide parents and educators with worksheets that will enhance their child/student's listening skills and language development in a fun, enjoyable way.   It is their goal to help support parents and educators of DHH children, and as part of that commitment, the Mighty Mila Activity Pack is currently being offered for free digital download.  The Mighty Mila Activity Pack focuses on the following:·  Story Sequencing·  Comprehension·  Emotion Identification·  Descriptive Language·  Story Recall and Expansion·  Listening for Clues·  Listening Skills/Directions·  Positional Terms·  Sound Identification·  Syllables·  Games & Brain Breaks·  and much more!Mighty Mila children's picture book can be purchased at   https://successforkidswithhearingloss.com/product/mighty-mila/Author background: Katie Petruzziello is the author of Mighty Mila, and the mom of three wonderful (and very feisty!) children, including a strong spunky daughter who is deaf and uses cochlear implants to hear.When her daughter started questioning why most children's picture books don't include any deaf/hard of hearing characters like her, Katie knew she needed to write one. Katie's goal is to increase deaf representation in children's literature and promote further awareness, inclusion, and celebration of differences. Katie is excited to give the world a fun story where all kids can fall in love with an imaginative, fierce little girl, who just happens to be deaf. Mighty Mila is a labor of love that she hopes will be a cherished book in many homes. For more information about Katie, Mila and their mission, please come visit them at www.mightymila.com or @mightymilastories on Instagram.