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Submission Guidelines

Quality teaching + quality engagement = powerful learning! Instructional videos are a wonderful resource for families, DHH educators, and educators who support our students without having a DHH specialist background.

New Sellers- Video content

Have a favorite lesson you like to do with your DHH students? You can enhance your instructional materials by selling an instructional video to accompany some of your materials (BUNDLE it!), or you can submit an instructional video alone.

Two Kinds of Video Products

  1. You can sell videos that Takeout account holders will be able to continue to access from the My Videos folder within their account. They can view the video multiple times, but cannot download and share the video.
  2. You can sell videos that you WANT to be shared, like videos you intend for DHH professionals to share with classroom teachers or parents, or lessons you intend to be used to supplement student instruction. For shareable videos you would define the number of times an email can be sent with a link to view your video (i.e., 50 times). Each link will allow the video to be viewed twice.
    Videos can include working with children, however to protect the child’s identity, no full name, city, state, school information must be mentioned within the video. First names only or use a pseudonym. You must have received signed consent from a family member or guardian before your video can be sold on Teacher Tools Takeout. We reserve the right to request a copy of signed consent.

Video Guidelines

  1. Instructional videos should not be for purely commercial purposes.
  2. You must use a high-quality headset, a good camera and film in a quiet, non-distracting environment so that your video is easy to hear and see clearly.
  3. Videos must be captioned (short video on using Streamer-Zoom). Any method of captioning is acceptable as long as the captions are accurate.
  4. Presenting a sign language version and/or cued language version is a definite PLUS! It’s all about ACCESS!
  5. All first-time instructional videos must go through the review process. One video submission is sufficient, not the three required for written other instructional materials.
  6. Only a maximum of one instructional video per week can be posted. The ONLY exception to this is if a signed or cued version of the same instructional content is posted, in which case the versions can be posted at the same time.