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Submission Guidelines

Quality teaching + quality engagement = powerful learning! Instructional videos are a wonderful resource for families, DHH educators, and educators who support our students without having a DHH specialist background.

New Sellers- Video content

Have a favorite lesson you like to do with your DHH students? You can enhance your instructional materials by selling an instructional video to accompany the student’s completion of the materials (BUNDLE it!), or an instructional video alone.

Video Guidelines

  1. Instructional videos will not exceed 15 minutes.
  2. You must use a high-quality headset, a good camera and film in a quiet, non-distracting environment.
  3. Videos must be captioned (short video on using Streamer-Zoom).
  4. Presenting a sign language version and/or cued language version is a definite PLUS! It’s all about ACCESS!
  5. All first-time instructional videos must go through the review process. One video submission is sufficient, not the three required for written other instructional materials.
  6. Only a maximum of one instructional video per week can be posted. The ONLY exception to this is if a signed or cued version of the same instructional content is posted, in which case the versions can be posted at the same time.

Submission process

Why do I have to go through a review process?

SSCHL has gained a reputation as a preferred ‘go to’ information site and we want Takeout to become known as a ‘go to’ place to find instructional materials and relevant DHH teaching practice information. Together, we can improve teaching practices and in turn, make a difference in the lives of our students.

Do I have to use Streamer™ when captioning?

No. However, the captioning format you use must be accurate.