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About Teacher Notes

What are Teacher Notes, and why are they important?

There are too few teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, educational audiologists, and specializing speech language pathologists to meet all of the intervention needs of students with hearing loss. Increasingly, families and educators that do not have special training in the learning needs of students with hearing loss are taking on the responsibility to enhance their education and/or address their identified learning needs.

Teacher Tools Takeout not only wants to provide good materials, we want to improve teaching practices, so our students have better school and life successes. Because of this, Teacher Tools Takeout encourages you to include Teacher Notes with your materials. We also encourage you to include as many of the following 6 items as appropriate to be included on an instructional page with each set of instructional materials.

  • A brief statement about why the topic or focus of the instructional material is important for many students who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • How the instructional materials fit into common core learning (anchor) standards.
  • Example IEP goals for which the material could be used to instruct students.
  • Teaching environment/access reminders related to use of amplification devices, appropriate visual communication, quiet environment, etc. as appropriate.
  • How the instructional materials can be used to support learning in a core academic area and/or expanded core curriculum areas.
  • Ideas on how to use the information individually, with groups of hearing peers, for classroom push-in services, or with groups of peers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

SEE EXAMPLE Teacher Notes Page

The format of your Teacher Notes page may look different than the example. Please note that any information you can provide regarding IEP goals, relevant CC standards, Expanded Core Curriculum relatability, and teaching ideas will all help sell your materials!