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Strategies for Overcoming Self-Consciousness Strategies for Overcoming Self-Consciousness
Strategies for Overcoming Self-Consciousness
By Teacher Tools/SSCHL
sku: P0XSOC1288
$ 0
This article focuses on how adults can help students overcome self-consciousness by providing specific strategies for guided discussion.  ...
Social - Table Manners Social - Table Manners
Social - Table Manners
$ 195
Gives instructional strategies for teaching table manners and table talk.
Winning and Sportsmanship Winning and Sportsmanship
Winning and Sportsmanship
$ 195
Why the emphasis on winning and competition in the classroom or home may be more harmful than good. Activities include: worksheet on winning that includes a winning smile, winning attitude, or winni ... ng a new friend; finding "winners" in our family or school based on positive character traits; revisit the Aesop Fable: The Tortoise and the Hare; Worksheet on good and "bad" sportsmanship; comprehension passage on the Olympic and Deaflympic Games
Social - Distance Social - Distance
Social - Distance
$ 195
Explains that one must recognize social distance and corresponding behavior in effective social interactions. Includes instructional strategies and 4 worksheets.
Social - Small Talk Social - Small Talk
Social - Small Talk
$ 195
Instructional strategies and helpful sheets to teach students the art of "small talk." Includes fillable activity sheets for discussing the weather, conversational turn-taking, and interpreting idiom ... s.
Social Skills Checklist - Pre-K/Elementary (fillable) Social Skills Checklist - Pre-K/Elementary (fillable)
Social Skills Checklist - Pre-K/Elementary (fillable)
By Teacher Tools/SSCHL
sku: S0XASM0058
$ 350
Teacher Checklist to rate a young child's social play and emotional devleopment, emotional regulation, social cognition, nonverbal and verbal communication skills. Fillable.
Sign Language Basic Sentences Sign Language Basic Sentences
Sign Language Basic Sentences
By ASL Teaching Resources
sku: A26ASL1583
$ 399
Imagine every student, regardless of their ability to speak, can communicate confidently with everyone around them – from the cafeteria workers who serve them lunch to the teachers who educate them an ... and the bus drivers who safely take them home. Picture a set of Sign Language Basic sentence cards that unlock the power of language, making it accessible to non-verbal students and ASL users alike. These visual communication cards are not just a tool; they are a bridge that connects children’s wants, needs, and opinions with the world around them.The Basic Sentences communication cards are a game-changer for non-verbal students, allowing them to express themselves effectively and confidently in English and American Sign Language (ASL). Each card features an English sentence and its corresponding ASL sentence, complete with illustrated signs for visual cueing. (Metal ring not included.)The power of communication lies within 54 visual communication cards encompassing children’s fundamental needs, wants, and opinions. For non-verbal students and ASL users, these cards are a lifeline to the world, allowing them to interact meaningfully with peers and adults alike. From simple introductions like “My name is __” to inquire about others’ names, “What is your name?”, these cards facilitate connections and foster a sense of belonging for every student.One of the key benefits of these visual communication cards is their inclusivity. By presenting each sentence in both English and ASL versions, they effectively build a bridge between the two languages, promoting bilingualism and empowering students to express themselves in complete sentences. From stating their emotions, such as “I am excited,” “I am sad,” or “I am happy,” to expressing their needs, like “I am hungry” or “I need help,” the students can now communicate with confidence and clarity.The effectiveness of these communication cards lies not just in the words they convey but in the additional guidance they offer. The ASL sentence cards come with hints on utilizing facial expressions to add ASL grammar, enriching the communication experience and making it more nuanced and expressive. These cards offer phrases for seeking clarification and cooperation, such as “Can you repeat that, please?” or “Can I have a break, please?” enabling students to engage in conversations and navigate various social situations actively.The impact of these cards goes beyond the school’s walls. With newfound communication skills, non-verbal students can confidently communicate with cafeteria workers about their food preferences, thank their teachers for their guidance, and quickly request assistance from bus drivers. These cards foster a more inclusive and understanding school environment as their peers learn alongside them, embracing the richness of ASL and promoting empathy and acceptance.In a world where effective communication is paramount, these Sign Language Basic Sentences cards break down barriers and enable every student to participate fully. With the power of language now at their fingertips, non-verbal students can express themselves, advocate for their needs, and connect with others in a once elusive way. As the school community unites through language, the benefits extend beyond the classroom, creating a more compassionate and inclusive society.
Respect Respect
$ 195
An explanation of why parents and teachers should teach the skill of being respectful.? Activities include: diversity coloring page for young students; respect for the earth coloring page; reading ... passage and questions on Johnny Appleseed; graphic organizer for students to think of people they respect at home, in the school. and community; being respectful of the earth and environment.
Social - Practicing Please and Thank You Social - Practicing Please and Thank You
Social - Practicing Please and Thank You
$ 0
Gives strategies for practicing "please and thank you".
Social - Conversation Social - Conversation
Social - Conversation
$ 195
Instructional strategies and helpful sheets to teach students how to be a good conversation partner. Includes fillable sheets for keeping the conversation on track, topics of conversation, and convers ... ation starters.