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How is Teacher Tools Takeout Unique?

What makes Teacher Tools Takeout Different from Teachers Pay Teachers?

Focus! We have created 16 categories based on the Expanded Core Curriculum for students who are deaf and hard of hearing and the areas of learning most likely to be impacted by hearing loss. While many of our students’ learning issues overlap with students who have language or learning disorders, hearing loss is not a disorder. It is a sensory perception issue that reduces access and therefore impacts learning. The materials within Teacher Tools Takeout keep this difference in mind!

Teaching support! There are too few teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, educational audiologists, and specializing speech language pathologists to meet all of the intervention needs of students with hearing loss. Increasingly, families and educators that do not have special training in the learning needs of students with hearing loss are taking on the responsibility to enhance their education and/or address their identified learning needs. Teacher Tools Takeout not only wants to provide good materials, we want to improve teaching practices so our students have better school and life successes.

Beyond just ‘Sales’ The Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss (SSCHL) website (http://successforkidswithhearingloss.com) has over 300 pages of information related to the specific needs of children, students, and youth who are hard of hearing or deaf. Within these pages we have had downloadable handouts, information, and checklists. All of this information has now been made available on Takeout so that it is easy to search for and download. Many items are FREE. SSCHL has gained a reputation as a preferred ‘go to’ information site and we want Takeout to become known as a ‘go to’ place to find instructional materials and relevant DHH teaching practice information, including offering many materials at no cost.