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Early Intervention BUNDLE Early Intervention BUNDLE
Early Intervention BUNDLE
By Teacher Tools/SSCHL
sku: P0XTEA1244
$ 895
This bundle has 28 items for interventionists to share with families as they learn about their child's hearing loss, impact on brain development, language development, communication optio ... ns, etc. An amazing 105 pages! 
Parent Interview Progress Report Parent Interview Progress Report
Parent Interview Progress Report
By Teacher Tools/SSCHL
sku: P0XTEA1173
$ 0
This checklist is designed to be part of biannual discussions and monitoring between early intervention professionals and family members of infants and toddlers with hearing loss. Family members are a ... sked to consider the different areas that can affect the rate that communication skills develop and how often their child receives attention to each of these considerations. Areas covered are: Auditory Communication, Visual Communication, and Effective Communication Strategies.
Learning To Listen Sounds Container Learning To Listen Sounds Container
Learning To Listen Sounds Container
By Listen With Lynn - Lynn A. Wood
sku: A15LIS1330
$ 3
DIY Learning to Listen Sound - Object Associations ContainerThis resource offers a printable paper wrapper for a DIY container for Learning to Listen Sound toys and objects. The container can be used ... d to encourage children to hear words first before showing them the toy or object. Providing ear contact before eye contact is critical to growing a deaf and hard of hearing child's auditory skills in order to learn to listen and talk.For those new to LSL auditory verbal intervention, the Learning to Listen Sounds are a distinguishing characteristic of teaching children who are deaf and hard of hearing spoken language through listening.Ideal For: Listening & Spoken Language, Auditory Verbal Therapy, Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Speech, Teletherapy, Home.Resource Includes:Printable Learning To Listen Sounds Wrapper Listening & language guide with activity suggestionsThis DIY product requires one empty disinfecting wipe container (Approx: 4.25” wide x 8.5” tall)  and a few minutes to make your container.◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈ ◈CUSTOMER TIPS:➯ Questions? Feel free to email me before purchasing this resource or anytime later.➯ Sign-up HERE for the Listen With Lynn NewsletterLet’s Connect:InstagramFacebookPinterestHearSayLW.comHearSayLW BlogTwitterKeep up your good work. I am blessed to help along the way. Thanks so much!Lynn