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Language - Pronouns Language - Pronouns
Language - Pronouns
$ 295
Definition of pronouns for parents and teachers; worksheets include: Pronouns reference charts for classroom; common pronouns, categories and sample sentences chart for classroom; practice with perso ... nal pronouns used as subjects, objects, possessive adjectives; possessives practice with indefinite pronouns; finding pronouns in a reading passage; practice with demonstrative pronouns; practice with common pronoun errors (e.g. their, there); and practice matching pronouns to their antecedents.
Take Charge of Communication Breakdown for Grades 3-5 Take Charge of Communication Breakdown for Grades 3-5
Take Charge of Communication Breakdown for Grades 3-5
By Julia West
sku: A12ADV1155
$ 8
A ten-page comic-style book (in color & grayscale) defines communication and communication breakdown. Examples are shown as interactions between two boys: Luke and Ricardo. A teacher acts as narrator ... and discusses three tools for repairing communication breakdown: signaling the breakdown, asking for repetition and repeating what was heard. The boys use each tool in responding to a single CBd event. A glossary is provided at the end of the book. Materials also include a graphic organizer, 8 discussion-starter cards, 6 review cards and 5 comprehension questions for assessment. Teacher notes explain how the lesson materials can be used in face-to-face lesson or on a digital platform.
BUNDLE - Attributes BUNDLE - Attributes
BUNDLE - Attributes
$ 695
This instructional bundle contains 7 worksheet packets and the CALI assessment for student attribute knowledge. Topics are: Introduction (0881), color (0882), composition (0883), decription (0884), em ... otions (0885), size words (0886), temperature (0887), time (0888), and review (0889). Includes CALI assessment (0777).
language - Letter Recognition language - Letter Recognition
language - Letter Recognition
$ 095
Explains that learning letters supports reading and writing success. Includes instructional strategies and 3 worksheets. Great for emerging readers.
Attributes - Description Attributes - Description
Attributes - Description
$ 195
These activities and worksheets reinforce using adjectives in descriptive writing to convey meaning, mood, and helping the reader create a mental image. Instructional activities includes templates f ... or describing words, building descriptive language through writing, and revising a simple sentence to include descriptive words.
Attributes - Emotional Resonance Attributes - Emotional Resonance
Attributes - Emotional Resonance
$ 195
When telling a story, a speaker/writer must delineate the surface action through the plot and connect the plot to the protagonist to develop a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of the st ... ory. Using words that convey emotion does exactly this. Use these activites and worksheets to help students understand emotion words. Activities include classfiying, matching, writing, comparison, feelings rating scale, and a template for Five Senses Poem.
Language - WH-questions Language - WH-questions
Language - WH-questions
$ 295
Explanation to parents and teachers why asking and answering wh-questions is a critical language skill; worksheets include: matching pictures and answers for pre-k; wh- question "quick assessment" pi ... cture; ask and answer question sheet; practice forming wh-questions; determine which question word fits in each sentence; question word task cards; comprehension passage and Jeopardy Game for advanced students
Attributes - Color Words Attributes - Color Words
Attributes - Color Words
$ 095
These activities and worksheets discuss the simple and complex attribute of color. Students will develop awareness of the concept, match colored items, develop receptive language before expressive - ... "Show me the red one." and associate color word with objects. Also included is a template for a Five Senses Poem.
Attributes All in Good Time Attributes All in Good Time
Attributes All in Good Time
$ 195
Measuring the passage of time is a subjective perception. Although the length of a day is measured at 24 hours, sometimes it seems to fly by while at other times it creeps. Use these activities to he ... lp students understand time. Activities include estimating how much time to do a specific task, measuring having enough time to do a task, finding words that indicate time in reading passages, and word scramble using time associated words.
Language -  Adverbs - Gently, Merrily, Down the Stream! Language -  Adverbs - Gently, Merrily, Down the Stream!
Language - Adverbs - Gently, Merrily, Down the Stream!
$ 195
Describes how adjectives help us more clearly visualize the action in a sentence. Includes adverb book lists, activities, adverb word bank, Tom Swifty jokes with adverb punchlines, and 8 worksheets to ... develop use of adverbs in speech and writing. Gives an adverb rubric and sample IEP goals.