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How do I determine a price for my materials?

With the wide variety and types of materials for sale on Teacher Tools Takeout it is not possible to have a set pricing formula. During the submission process authors need to identify a sale price for their material. The length, complexity, variety of activities, flexibility, adaptability, and creative use of images or other features all need to be taken into account when you set your prices.

The most valuable perspective is for authors to consider for themselves and ask colleagues what they think a fair price would be to pay for the material. Pricing that is enough to reflect the true value of the material for its designed educational purpose, but not too much so that the customer will reject the item as too costly is the desired price point.

Teacher Tools Takeout reserves the right to adjust the author’s suggested pricing so that it is more in line with similar materials already for sale. Email communication with the author will occur regarding any pricing adjustments.