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Submission Guidelines

Hundreds of creative educators work many hours creating great materials to support the specific learning needs of our students with hearing loss.

Teacher Tools Takeout is a forum for you to share your work, whether for sale or free, so that other educators and family members of children with hearing loss can more effectively support good child development and student outcomes.

New Sellers- Print or digital content (excluding video)

New sellers must submit original materials.

Submission process

When you have created/chosen original materials (length of material is up to you)

  1. Fill out SUBMISSION FORM. This is the information needed to upload your item(s) into the Takeout system. Setting up item(s) will be done by a Supporting Success Team member.
  2. You may upload your items with the submission form, or email your complete, original item(s) to help@teachertoolstakeout.com
  3. Your submission form and items(s). If we have any questions we will email you within 21 days of submission. If there are no questions you will be contacted with an example of your uploaded item(s) for your approval before it/they go live within the Takeout system.
  4. You are encouraged to include a Teacher Notes page along with your materials but it is not required. What is that?
  5. You will be required to submit information so that your Author Store can be set up: image (your photo or company logo), city/state, brief bio information.
  6. You will be given your author account login information so you can see how well your item has been selling during whatever period you specify. You will also be able to adjust the information in your Author Store.

What if I want to offer my materials for free?

Teacher Tools Takeout encourages you to submit free materials as long as they are high-quality, beneficial to students, teachers, or parents, and would not be considered ‘sales literature’. Any items, including those for free, will still need to have a submission form completed so that we have the information needed to upload the item(s) into the Takeout system.

Why are Teacher Notes pages preferred?

There are too few teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing, educational audiologists, and specializing speech language pathologists to meet all of the intervention needs of students with hearing loss. Increasingly, families and educators that do not have special training in the learning needs of students with hearing loss are taking on the responsibility to enhance their education and/or address their identified learning needs. For these reasons we encourage you to include a Teacher Notes page with your submitted materials (usually first or last page of material).