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All Teacher Tools Takeout accounts are free, including to sellers. All sellers must have a PayPal account so that PayPal can pass on the royalty payment. Payments will be set to be sent to authors once a month.

Royalty Percent Received is Based on Number of Items YOU have in the Takeout System
BRONZE LEVEL 1-5 items 50% royalty*
SILVER LEVEL 6-20 items 60% royalty*
GOLD LEVEL 21-35 items 70% royalty*
PLATINUM LEVEL 36-50 items + 75% royalty*
DIAMOND LEVEL 51 items + 80% royalty*
*Royalties received will have the necessary fees deducted by PayPal.

The Teacher Tools Takeout system will automatically change your royalty level as your item number increases and you move into another royalty level (i.e., Silver to Gold level). If you choose to remove items, the system will automatically decrease your royalty percent paid.

What if there are co-authors?

PayPal is only able to pay to one account. In the case of work(s) by multiple authors, the authors decide independently which PayPal account the royalties will be deposited, and how those monies will be shared. Many authors set up a PayPal account specifically for payment of marketplace royalties.

How does TTT handle taxes?

Supporting Success will monitor the number of sales transactions occurring for authors by state. State sales tax will automatically be collected once the number of allowed transactions has been reached (i.e., 200 transactions) for those states that require sales tax to be collected for digital products.

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss, the parent company of Teacher Tools Takeout, will supply 1099-K tax forms to sellers who have submitted information to Takeout which has resulted in gross sales of $20,000 or greater. Those who have met the $20,000 sales criteria will be contacted to submit a W-9 form.

It is up to sellers to consult their tax advisors on how to report income received from Takeout sales.