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Conversational Skill Development Conversational Skill Development
Conversational Skill Development
sku: P01LAN0667
$ 250
This packet provides information on how to develop a child's conversational competence. It describes the elements of the 4 stages of conversational skills. This description is followed by forms used f ... or tracking the development of conversational competence at each of these 4 stages. Examples are provided throughout to familiarize the family or educator who is less familiar with Brown's Stages of language development. Finally, this packet includes intervention strategies for improving conversational competence, including providing clarification, role-switching, requesting clarification and prompting. Examples of each of these strategies is provided. There are scenarios then provided to allow teachers/families with ideas for how they can shape the conversational competence of the child.
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Speaking Up - Being Scared or Prepared? Speaking Up - Being Scared or Prepared?
Speaking Up - Being Scared or Prepared?
sku: P01SCI0666
$ 3
Speaking Up and Being Scared, or Being Prepared? Is a packet of 4 instructional worksheets and a pretest/post-test. The student will explore why many people are afraid of public speaking and specific ... strategies to feel more confident. The activities pose different situations in which they get in touch with their feeling about the situations and apply the different strategies that would decrease negative feelings and increase self-confidence. Includes a page describing communication strategies that are not successful with a spot for student reflection.
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Instructional Stretegy - Cooperative Learning Instructional Stretegy - Cooperative Learning
Instructional Stretegy - Cooperative Learning
sku: S0XSOC0800
$ 350
For students who are deaf or hard of hearing, this instructional model is a challenge. This article will discuss aspects of cooperative learning and look at ways to improve access and increasing profi ... ciency in communication while in a cooperative learning situation. Includes fillable worksheet activities and rubric to use in group learning.
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Getting to Know You Getting to Know You
Getting to Know You
sku: S0XSOC1034
$ 125
Suggested preparations for the teacher with a diverse classroom on the first day of school. Worksheets include: Coloring page of students with disabilities for pre-K; inclusion games; similarities a ... nd differences survey and follow up activities.
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Asking Questions Asking Questions
Asking Questions
sku: S0XSOC1035
$ 125
These activities focus on encouraging students to be curious; asking questions to get more information rather than worry about syntactical correctness. Worksheets include: Make up a story using who, ... what, why, where, and how picture cards; asking questions board game; asking questions in an interview and writing summary of responses; asking why questions - and seeking answers - about the world around us
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Making Introductions Making Introductions
Making Introductions
sku: S0XSOC1036
$ 150
Teaching children how to introduce themselves or how to introduce others. Worksheets include: name tag cut out for pre-k students; getting to know more about each other game; interviewing each other ... ; making third party introductions; complete each introduction; introductions task cards, job interview practice
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Taking Turns Taking Turns
Taking Turns
sku: S0XSOC1038
$ 125
Activities challenge students to take turns while playing games and in conversations. Worksheets include: "We Know How to Take Turns" a cut and paste activity; a taking turns coloring page; matching ... the first half of a conversation with the second half; "What's your response?" task cards.
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The Spirit of Giving The Spirit of Giving
The Spirit of Giving
sku: S0XSOC1039
$ 125
This article provides activities to help students recognize that giving to others can be as worthwhile (or more so)as receiving. Worksheets include: "My Gifts" cut and paste for young students; The ... Giving Board Game with situation game cards that move the player forward for generous acts; "My Giving Checklist" for students to record generous acts; gift certificates to be used as needed; a review of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, suggesting that giving can actually go too far.
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Making and Staying in Conversations Making and Staying in Conversations
Making and Staying in Conversations
sku: S0XSOC1045
$ 125
Techniques for keeping all students connected in the diverse classroom. Activities include: picture task cards for young students to describe; situation task cards for older students to practice resp ... onses; practice clear communications by describing designs for others to draw; communication repair task cards
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Social - Appropriately Responding to Others Social - Appropriately Responding to Others
Social - Appropriately Responding to Others
sku: S0XSOC1105
$ 125
Includes fillable materials for teaching perspective of others; opinions; empathy, and importance of reading non verbal language. Reading and comprehension questions for basic to more advanced reader ... s.
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