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Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series
Never Mind (Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series) Printable Workbook Ages 6-9
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No prep time, just print and go!

Every student needs to learn the social emotional impact of being left out of conversations and how to include their peers.

Download this complete lesson plan written by a certified Deaf Educator for ages 6 to 9 and Grades 1 and 2.

Eight printable worksheets are included as companions to the picture book: Never Mind (Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series #1), by Kelly Brakenhoff: two different cover art options, four worksheets, and two coloring pages. Video tutorial links included for practicing the ASL vocabulary and an ASL version of the complete story performed by a deaf college instructor.

There are many creative ways to use this workbook in your classroom.

  • Have a small group read the book together, while other small groups are reading a different book. Have the group of students complete the worksheets and discuss their responses to the social emotional aspects of the story. The students can break into pairs to practice the ASL signs used in the book.
  • Have a student read the book independently, complete the worksheets, and view the ASL video tutorials online.
  • Read aloud the story to your class and/or watch the video version of the story in ASL with the link provided. Use the lesson plan and follow the discussion questions with a full class or in smaller groups.
  • This packet is also perfect to supplement homeschooling curriculum.

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