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Tips for Teachers Working with Students who have Hearing Loss
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Tips for Teachers consists of 10 videos, each only about 2 minutes in length, by educational audiologist Jim Bombicino. You can email links to share one tip at a time with one or more teachers. A great way to remind classroom teachers of our students' auditory access needs! Choose which tips to send, or send one a week to kick off the school year. Tips topics include: facing the student, small group work, using the HAT system, moving around, etc. Incorporates simulations of challenges listening in a classroom with hearing devices. Comes with handouts about listening in background noise, 2 general inservice handouts, and emailable tips for teachers. The purchase price allows 50 downloads of each video.  Once you have purchased the series and selected email addresses that will receive the links, you can view the videos on your device for a limited time.

Youtube Link:  https://youtu.be/RNBZ71c1XtQ

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Date first listed on Teacher Tools Takeout: Aug 10, 2021

Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss is a website with an umbrella of resources to support teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing and other educators and families to enhance the future success of children who are hard of hearing, deaf, and Deaf. 

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Our mission is to improve the futures of children with hearing loss. Visit the SSCHL Home Page Contact the SSCHL TEAM Phone: 888-963-8991 YES – we love Purchase Orders!  FAX your PO to:480-393-4331.
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Success for Children with Hearing Loss
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Other business issues contact: Karen L. Anderson, Director, Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss, 1775 Garland Lane N., Plymouth, MN 55447 USA. SSCHL is a registered business in MN.  karen@success4kidswhl.com

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A current W-9 form can be downloaded here: SSCHL 2020 W-9 Form.  The W-9 form reflects the Minnesota business address, not the Florida shipping and remit address. Need to set up SSCHL as a vendor? Please send a request to questions@success4kidswhl.comDun & Bradstreet # 080590521. In 2017 Supporting Success is an S-Corporation (EIN 81-320-3727).

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