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Listen With Lynn - Lynn A. Wood
Figurative Language & Self Advocacy PERK UP YOUR EARS
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A must-have GRAB-N-GO language-rich resource that builds figurative language skills while encouraging self-advocacy. PERK UP YOUR EARS contains 20 passages with ear-related sayings or idioms with stunning photographs kids love. It builds figurative language, nuances in word meanings, and vocabulary that are essential to spoken and written language, pragmatics, and communication competence.


- 20 Passages with Ear-Related Sayings and Idioms

- Listen-Talk-Reflection Discussion prompts
- Guide with instructions

- Listening and Spoken Language Tips

no-prep or planning because everything is in this resource.
This Digital - No Print resource can be opened and played with your favorite PDF reader app on a tablet. When playing on a computer, open and use a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Ideal for: Speech Language Therapy, Listening and Spoken Language, Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Auditory Verbal Sessions. It can be easily used by parents at home, teachers, and therapists both face-to-face and in teletherapy.

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Perk Up Your Ears is also available as a Boom Deck in the Listen With Lynn Boom Learning store.  

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