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A Wizard's Challenge - Self-Concept Game for Students with Hearing Loss
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The Wizard's Challenge Game is a relevant and motivating resource which can be effectively used with students to reinforce standards based IEP goals and/or objectives in the areas of self-advocacy, self-concept, communication repair and amplification utilization. The game relies on the players having some knowledge of the Harry Potter books or movies as it compares children with hearing loss living in families where they are the only ones who are deaf or hard of hearing to families of muggles that have a child who is a wizard or witch born into them. A parallel is drawn of Harry as 'The Boy Who Lived' being the only one with a lightening bolt scar on his face at Hogwarts to the student who is the only one using hearing devices in his or her neighborhood school. Print your own game board, cards, and game pieces.

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Date first listed on Teacher Tools Takeout: Jul 21, 2020

Karen L. Anderson, PhD has been in the field of education for children with hearing loss for 40 years. She has authored many handouts, checklists, chapters and books.  She established www.successforkidswithhearingloss.com in 2011 including authoring much of the website information, bimonthly update newsletters, and has been an active speaker nationally and internationally. Karen has been called the 'handout queen' and enjoys sharing practical resources. 

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