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John Luckner & Carolyn Bullard
Collaborative Relationships
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This information provides suggestions for establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships in general education settings. It includes actions to establish credibility with other educators, steps for building effective relationships, methods of coordinating services, issues of placement and scheduling and differences between school cultures.

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SKU: P05TEA0427
Date first listed on Teacher Tools Takeout: Jul 21, 2020

Dr. John Luckner is a Professor in the School of Special Education, coordinator of the Special Education: Deaf/Hard of Hearing program and the Executive Director of the Bresnahan-Halstead Center at the University of Northern Colorado. Dr. Luckner was a teacher of students who are DHH for nine years; five years in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and four years in the United States Virgin Islands. Dr. Luckner served as a Director of the National Center on Low-Incidence Disabilities (NCLID), a Co-Project Director for two U.S. Department of Education Preparation of Leadership Personnel grants, the Project Coordinator for a U.S. Department of Education Longitudinal Research Grant, as well as the Project Director for five personnel preparation grants. In addition, he has been the Principal Investigator for three Colorado Department of Education research and training projects. Dr. Luckner is the author or co-author of more than one hundred referred juried articles, six books, twenty-one book chapters, and one test. He has made numerous national and international presentations.

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